You Love That House, Let us Help You Keep it

As children you played hide and seek in the garden or built that tree house where you could transport yourself to another land.


It’s that special place where the whole family would gather and you’d get cuddles from Grandma or have water fights with Dad. You remember the home baking and the nights camping out in the garden. You know and love the area so much , the people , the walks , the beaches – you know all the great places to eat and visit and want to share that with guests.


You now want your own children to experience the amazing childhood memories you had in THAT special house. You can’t bear to let it go. Well let us help you keep it so you can still spend those long Summer days with the people you love – after all that’s really what life is all about isn’t it?

Linda Maclaughlan

Linda Maclaughlan / Lowland Lettings

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